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    Beware of cheating!

    Beware of cheating!

    How to choose law-abiding reproductive medicine clinic and to avoid illegal companies

    It is extremely important and serious decision to become pregnant, especially if you have decided to use methods of reproductive medicine in addressing this significant issue. Unfortunately, in this sphere you can face with swindlers and fake clinics of reproductive medicine. Having decided to use services of artificial insemination center, first of all, it is necessary to study thoroughly all clinics that offer procedures you are interested in. BioTexCom clinic meets all requirements and European standards. Our health care institution has appropriate accreditation.

    First of all, it is needed to study legislative aspects concerning surrogacy, IVF/ICSI procedures in the country you are going to do it.It is worthto mention that inUkraine conducting of surrogacy, IVF/ICSI procedures are absolutely legal according to the appropriate laws. Staff of our clinic includes legal experts and lawyers who provide all patients the necessary legal support, advice on matters relating to artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood. In the case of surrogacy, legal specialists will help to prepare all necessary contracts correctly, according to the appropriate laws, so that in future, to avoid conflicts and discord between couple and surrogate mother. Therefore, the whole complex of services provided by our center is absolutely legitimate.

    An important aspect of policy of our medical center is the fact that we are fully liable for everything, from the beginning to the end of medical procedure, unlike agencies, which often waives responsibility and control immediately after the signing of the appropriate agreements. We work under fair and legal rules due to which interests of patients are brought to the forefront.

    BioTexCom clinic announces price for the procedure at once. As soon as you have decided on the procedure you are interested in, our experts voice you its final price which includes entire package of services. Agencies, in turn, at first name patients one price, and in the end, it turns out twice as much. It is very important to pay attention to this issue in order to avoid swindlers who just want to cash in on your problem.

    It’s also very important to know that any legal clinic of reproductive medicine, in the case of surrogacy procedures, contracting with patients, undertakes to conduct a DNA test after baby’s birth. This test must be also included in the sum agreed before.

    Patient should also notice following moments:

    1. The first payment should be made for a bank transfer;
    2. if you are told that the clinic does not have a currency account, or if the agency tells you that they will bring money to the clinic on their own, it’s more than likely that you will lose your money;
    3. at first visit, if you were not provided with free accommodation, accompaniment to the signing of the contract, you may be cheated.

    Money should be transferred after the contract signature. When you leaveUkraine, in the quiet atmosphere you should review the contracts one more time and weigh the pros and cons whether you can trust such a company.

    Most commonly, frauds create bumped-up names, such as: association of gynecologists, association of dentists, association of all reproductive centers, adoption or insemination association. It costs about 40 Euro to open an association inUkraine. Frauds usually collect such documents in big quantities on purpose to confuse clients; their offices are usually located in basements. Such clinics usually have only 2 or 3 cabinets and their size can be equal to the corridor’s size in a normal clinic. As a rule, such clinics do not have their own laboratory.

    1st way of cheating:

    Spermogram will be made, when you will submit sperm you will be told that it was done for an IVF. If the clinic gives guarantees, you should ask them to give you a guarantee list on a positive result with chief doctor’s signature and seal.

    2nd way of cheating:

    You will be brought to an office and you will be told that they urgently need cash to sign the contract with the mom and to pay the clinic for the program. You can offer them to make the first payment on your own and they should show you the license for the reproductive activities.

    In any cheating case you will be asked to pay cash from your first visit, you will be told that the clinic has no a currency account, that the clinic temporally changes the bank and for this reason their account is missing, that it is possible to make payments in hrivna (Ukrainian currency) only and that previous clients had the same problem with transferring. It is essential for you to transfer the first payment on the bank account.

    BioTexCom medical center is a leader in the field of reproductive medicine in Europe. Years of experience in this sphere and a high percentage of births allowed us to earn a well-deserved trust and brand quality.