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  • 대리 아이들의 부모를위한 출산 휴가

    대리 아이들의 부모를위한 출산 휴가

    대리모출산에는 많은 찬부양론이 있다. 예를 들면 대리모 행위 지방법률로 독일, 오스트리아, 노르웨이, 스페인에서 금지되어 있다. 호주, 영국, 덴마크, 이스라엘, 스웨덴, 캐나다, 네덜란드 같은 나라에서는 대리모 행위 서비스의 재정적 보상 없이 불임 부부의 엠브리오를 가지고 올 수 있다. 우크라이나에서는 모든 보조 생식 기술이 허용된다.  외국의 불임부부는 우크라이나에서 난자 공여와 대리모출산 절차를 적극적으로 사용한다. 비공식 통계에 따라서Read more →

  • Customer Feedback

    Customer Feedback

    Kelly:  Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom was the fifth one we have addressed. My husband and I faced some reproductive challenges therefore we can’t have children in a natural way. We tried clinics in different countries but unfortunately there were no positive result. We just spend a great amount of money, time and most of all weRead more →

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  • Beware of cheating!

    Beware of cheating!

    How to choose law-abiding reproductive medicine clinic and to avoid illegal companies It is extremely important and serious decision to become pregnant, especially if you have decided to use methods of reproductive medicine in addressing this significant issue. Unfortunately, in this sphere you can face with swindlers and fake clinics of reproductive medicine. Having decidedRead more →

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    Amenorrhea – suppressed menstruation Androgen – predominantly male steroid hormone Andrologist – one of the failures of male’s fertility Antibody – solvable glycoproteins that are present in blood serum of intercellular lymph; or present in cellular membrane which recognize and bind antigens. In vitro fertilization – the term refers to fertilization that takes place outsideRead more →