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  • What should we feel about donor eggs?

    What should we feel about donor eggs?

    Some people have an option to choose donor egg or use their own, some people have to use donors by medical reasons. But the question – how we should feel about donors egg bothers women in both cases, because the child will get genetic set from the donor. This is why million women in theRead more →

  • Surrogate motherhood in different countries

    Surrogate motherhood in different countries

    Surrogate program in every country affected by the local law and different factors, this is why we can see difference cost conditions and waiting time. For a start, let’s divide countries into those where the law governs all aspects surrogacy, and those where it is partially legalized. Countries where surrogate motherhood is fully legal: USA,Read more →

  • DNA Testing for Maternity and Paternity

    DNA Testing for Maternity and Paternity

    Surrogacy is a process whereby a woman delivers the child for another couple. Couples who have sought surrogacy are sometimes called the “social parents”, “intended parents” or the “commissioning parents”. In some cases donor sperm and eggs are used whilst in other cases the commissioning parents would use their own. Depending on the context, couplesRead more →

  • Problem of infertility

    Problem of infertility

    The World Health Organization defines infertility as follows: “Infertility is the inability to conceive a child. A couple may be considered infertile if, after two years of regular sexual intercourse, without contraception, the woman has not become pregnant. Primary infertility is infertility in a couple who have never had a child. Secondary infertility is failureRead more →

  • Indications for surrogacy

    Indications for surrogacy

    It is rather serious and important decision to use services of surrogate mother. But first of all, making such a decision, couple must 100% make sure that they cannot get pregnant in natural way. Doctor must make a diagnosis of infertility or inability to conceive and/or bear a child. In such case, wife and husbandRead more →